Design and Production


We source seasoned or kilned timber from UK sawmills. The most common species we use in production are Oak, Beech and Redwood. Creamore Mill is careful to select only species of timber that are widely available from sustainable sources, originating in well managed forests across Scandinavia, North America and Europe. Creamore Mill conforms to EUTR (EU timber regulations).  


Creamore Mill products are designed and made in our workshop in Shropshire. We consider the merits of any design to be in the function and longevity of the product. It is common for these alone to form the aesthetics and beauty of a product. We draw inspiration from traditional tool and implements, for it is the tried and tested routes that often give up the least resistance to purpose and success.  

Our designs are protected by design and copyright law.


A key to the success of a product is maintaining control throught a process from start to finish. The wood turning process is an efficient method transforming a rough block of wood to it's final form in one process. In some cases, the turning process is the final operation, though often we continue to hand-finish, sand or tumble components in our workshop. The finishing processes at Creamore Mill specialise in oiling, waxing or painting straight from our production line. Having all these processes under one roof allows us to uphold an excellent quality of goods.