Toilet Roll Holder, Oak

RRP: £19.30


Oak toilet roll holder with keyhole fixings
  • Dimensions 20.5x7x12.5
  • Trade Pack Size 6
  • Finish Natural oak
  • Instructions Use fixings suitable for your wall. Position fixings on a hoizontal line, matching up to keyhole centres and protuding 10mm approx. Slot keyholes over fixings to check fit. Remove and add quarter turn on each screw until secure.
  • Product Care
  • Additional Info

Product Care

Wipe clean. Suitable for waxing, oiling or painting

Additional Info

Solid oak and reliable design. A beaded rail with slotted brackets which cup an oak dowel and allow easy running and replacement of your favourite brand of loo-roll. Something for labrador puppies to get very excited about.


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